Albino Tarantula

Furry Albino Tarantula- Fun Facts and Info

Some people think that people with albinism are cute and harmless. They don’t realize that they can be extremely dangerous. Albino tarantula can kill you by injecting a deadly venom into your body through their fangs. They are fast, and they can move very fast. They are usually around ten inches in length. These spiders don’t move very fast but can move fast enough to kill you if you aren’t careful. If you see one, don’t run away. Walk slowly toward it, and make sure you can touch it before trying to kill it. A small drop of water on your skin can turn a tarantula into a dangerous and lethal creature.

Albino tarantula

Physical appearance

This is the only tarantula species found in South Africa. This spider looks very different from other types of spiders. Albino tarantulas are quite different. Their eyes, legs, body and even their color are different. Their legs are usually black and red. The eyes has brown or pink. They have a very hairy back. Their body color ranges from light to dark brown or white color. Their abdomen is usually darker than the rest of their body. The bodies of these tarantulas are covered with white fur. These tarantulas are fluffy, beautiful, cuddly and adorable creatures worldwide.

Natural Habitat

The habitat of this tarantula is in tropical areas around the world. Most live in highly humid areas, such as rainforests, jungles and grasslands. These tarantulas spend most of their time in search of food. They eat insects, spiders and small animals. They are nocturnal, but they are active during the day. This is why it isn’t easy to catch them. You will have to get lucky and find one in its natural habitat.

Albino Tarantula Care Sheet

They don’t need much water or food. These spiders are active all day long. They don’t need much sleep, either. These tarantulas are very adaptable, and they can survive in any environment. They can live in temperatures ranging from freezing to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that they can survive in a wide range of environments.


There are many different types of animals that this albino tarantula likes to eat. These tarantulas eat spiders, scorpions, flies, ants, wasps, beetles, and other insects. Tarantulas love to hunt. They will look for prey and hide where they know they can easily find it. Tarantulas are predators, and they will eat all kinds of bugs that they catch. Tarantulas can easily kill other animals with their bite.


 The first thing to do is to keep the tarantula in a well-lit area. The area must be dark because it will protect the tarantula from attacks from outside insects. It will help you to spot any insects that might be harmful. There are different ways to house a Tarantula. One is to place the pet on a piece of wood and put it in a plastic container. Another way to house a Tarantula is to place the pet on a piece of bark and put it in a plastic enclosure. You also need to take care of the temperature in the room. A comfortable room temperature should be between 50°F and 65°F. You can use a heating pad to keep the room warm.

It would be best if you kept a distance of six inches between you and the tarantula. You can feed the tarantula some crickets or worms. They are very friendly. Be careful when you are feeding them because they bite. Never use a feeding dish made out of aluminum. You can put the tarantula into a terrarium or a box.

Temperature and humidity

The temperature you provide for your albino tarantula should be around 72°F (22°C). You should keep the room in which your tarantula resides as dark as possible. You should also ensure that your room is cool enough to prevent your tarantula from getting too hot. It would be best if you were very careful to protect your tarantula from being exposed to insecticides or poisons. You must use only organic pesticides.

Reproduction and Mating

Reproduction is the process of creating offspring. If a tarantula has no other way to reproduce, he can mate with another male tarantula. A female albino tarantula mates with a male tarantula. To reproduce, tarantulas mate in the springtime. They crawl around on the ground and attract each other’s attention. Once they do that, they will mate. The females lay their eggs in a cocoon in their web. They lay one egg every two days. It takes about three weeks to hatch. After hatching, the babies go through four stages of development before becoming adult tarantulas. They will stay in their cocoons until they are ready to leave to find a new home.

Is Albino tarantula Dangerous?

These Albino spiders are not very poisonous. If it stings you, get away from it. The baby tarantula looks so cute that you may want to pick it up and hold it. However, remember that you should also be very careful not to touch your eyes or nose after being stung by it. If you do, it could hurt you badly.

Where Can You Find Them?

Albinos are very rare. They only appear in some parts of South Africa and Asia. Most of the time, they are found in very remote areas where no humans are around. You don’t want to go to those places because there might be poisonous snakes and scorpions around. Sometimes, albinos appear where there are lots of people.

Are Albino Tarantulas Poisonous?

These tarantulas are harmless to humans. They are not poisonous. Tarantulas have venomous fangs, but only one fang. They usually use their fangs to kill small animals that they feed on. Their venom isn’t dangerous to humans. These tarantulas can also be kept in captivity. They make great pets. These spiders are quite friendly. You may not know this, but they can climb up the sides of your refrigerator. They love to climb, and they are often found in the kitchen.

Albino tarantula as Pet

If you have this tarantula as a pet, then you should keep it in a safe place where you can watch it closely. It would be best if you also bought a suitable enclosure, so they don’t feel trapped or stressed out. Make sure that you have enough water for them. Always provide them with food that they can eat. You should also make sure that you feed them a good diet. Finally, it would be best if you cleaned their enclosure regularly.

This way, they will stay in good condition. You should also watch them carefully to see if they are getting enough food. Make sure that you also provide them with some protein. Protein is the building block of a healthy diet. If you give them more protein, they will grow bigger and stronger. It would be best if you also frequently changed their cages so they can keep their natural environment. Do not use chemicals or pesticides when caring for your tarantulas.

You can get many benefits from having this tarantula as a pet. These include the following:

They are good pets.

They don’t bite.

These spiders are easy to care for.

These tarantulas don’t require much space to live in.

They are less prone to diseases.

If you want a pet, you might as well get an albino spider. You will surely have fun with your pet.

How to buy Albino tarantula?

There are many ways to buy these tarantulas. Here are two simple ways:

  • Buy one online or
  • Go to an albino tarantula dealer.

To buy one online:

  • Go to a website that sells exotic animals and search for albino spiders. This website will have lots of information about these tarantulas.
  • After you find one, click on its picture and place an order for one. You can even use a credit card to pay for the albino spider.
  • Check out the shipping policy before you order.

It is important to know the delivery time of your tarantula. 

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