How to Choose a Pet Spider

How to Choose a Pet Spider

A spider is not the most conventional pet, but it is possible to have one as a companion. There are a variety of spider species you can have as pets. However, how does one choose a spider for a pet? For those who are new to getting a pet arachnid, the choice can be overwhelming. In this article, we will explore the answer to how to choose a pet spider and everything related to it.

How to Choose a Pet Spider

Why Choose a Pet Spider?

Keeping tarantulas and other spiders as pets has a unique charm that attracts people who are intrigued by unconventional choices. Generally, there are a variety of reasons a person could get a pet spider. This section explores the captivating aspects of spider keeping from various perspectives.

Keeping spiders like the Blue Cobalt Tarantula or the Mexican Redknee Tarantula is appealing to hobbyists and collectors due to their captivating patterns and colors, similar to exotic fish or birds. Spider keeping is a low-maintenance option, making it suitable for those with busy lives. Unlike traditional pets, spiders need minimal care, with occasional insect feedings. This minimal commitment is ideal for those seeking unique companionship without the usual demands.

Spider keeping also offers an educational experience, encouraging enthusiasts to explore spider behaviors, habitats, and life cycles. Observing molting, web-building, and hunting provides an exciting learning experience for all ages. The community aspect, through online forums and local clubs, adds to the appeal, fostering camaraderie and making it easier for newcomers to explore the world of spiders.

Moreover, spider keeping serves as a therapeutic way to overcome arachnophobia, helping individuals conquer fears and appreciate these once-feared creatures. The unique charm of spider keeping lies in its blend of aesthetics, low maintenance, educational value, community engagement, and potential for personal growth. Though unconventional, for those fascinated by spiders, it offers a rewarding and enriching experience.

Types of Pet Spiders to Choose From

Pet spiders offer a diverse array of species for enthusiasts to choose from, each possessing unique features, sizes, and behaviors. Popular options include tarantulas, favored for their large size and captivating behaviors, coming in various colors and adorned with hair.

Jumping spiders, known for their agility and vibrant colors, showcase delightful acrobatics as they leap from place to place. Alternatively, wolf spiders appeal to those interested in observing natural predatory skills up close, making the world of pet spiders an exciting and varied realm to explore.

choosing a pet spider

How to Choose a Pet Spider: The Factors

Selecting the perfect spider pet requires thinking about things like its temperament, size, care needs, and local availability. With 45,000 spider species to choose from, making an informed decision is crucial for a satisfying pet-owner relationship.

  1. Temperament: Consider your comfort and preferences. Some, like the calm Mexican Redknee Tarantula, are good for beginners, while more defensive spiders, like the Brazilian wandering spider, need experienced handling. Researching temperaments helps match your desired level of interaction.
  2. Size: Think about size preferences as they impact space and care. Smaller spiders, like the Regal Jumping Spider, thrive in compact terrariums, while larger ones, like the Chilean Rose Tarantula, need more space and a different diet.
  3. Maintenance: Assess care demands, especially if you’re new to spider keeping. Some have specific environmental or dietary needs, like the Green Lynx Spider requiring ample foliage and a diet of live insects. Understanding care requirements ensures you provide the necessary conditions.
  4. Availability: Consider the local availability and legality. Rare species may be hard to find, and some might be protected or illegal as pets. Researching availability and legality in your region saves time and avoids disappointment.

Additionally, thorough research, talking to experienced keepers, and visiting reputable sources will help you make an informed decision, ensuring a rewarding experience in the world of arachnids.

Other Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet Spider

Before getting a pet spider, consider key factors. Check local laws about keeping spiders, as rules vary. Research the specific needs of the spider species you want, ensuring you can provide suitable housing, environment, and diet, especially for exotic tarantulas. Think about the species’ lifespan, as it varies. Learn proper handling to avoid harm, crucial for both venomous and non-venomous spiders.

Identify venomous species from reliable sources and be cautious, as even mildly venomous tarantulas can cause pain. Understand the risks of tarantulas’ abdominal hairs, which can be irritating and harmful to eyes. Education on bite prevention and appropriate responses is essential for safe and responsible pet ownership.

choosing pet spiders


Choosing a pet spider ultimately depends on your preference and what you can provide for the arachnid. Different spiders have different needs and you need to understand their proper care before getting one. Additionally, getting a pet spider means understanding what kinds are allowed to be owned as pets in your area. Simply put, depending on what you can provide for your choice of spider, choosing a pet spider can be fairly easy.


Are pet spiders dangerous?

While some have venom, most pet spider species are non-aggressive, and their venom is harmless to humans. Handle them with care to avoid unnecessary risks.

Can I handle my pet spider?

Possible, but suitability varies among species. Research specific guidelines for your spider’s species to ensure safety for both you and your pet.

Are pet spiders suitable for households with children?

Depends on the species and children’s age. Some are docile, and suitable for supervised interactions. Educate children on proper handling and respecting the spider’s space.

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